View Full Version : Gear list for May 1st

01-04-2019, 18:12
Thinking of doing the GA section starting May 1st. I'm not built for speed, so figuring 10 days. I've 250+ miles on the AT but it was all summer/fall hiking in VA and PA. This will be my longest trek. My concern is clothing. I don't want to lug stuff, but don't want to be "that guy" who kept everyone up with chattering teeth. Anything to add or delete? I do have a trowel, but forgot it was attached to pack. Clothing is insectashield treated and also forgot a pair of dirty girls gators hiding in my boots. I have a pair of OBOZ low cuts that I may wear instead of the keens.


01-04-2019, 19:13
Looks reasonable to me! GA in May might be warm. I would probably wear long pant, but that's personal preference. Maybe take an extra shirt, since things do get gamy out on the trail in hot weather. My big 4 is a few pounds lighter, but you are choosing to use a slightly heavier pack and tent. No problem, really. Still reasonable total weight. Go for it.

01-04-2019, 20:50
I myself would bring a puffy, that early you can still get some cool temps especially at the higher elevations. But I get cold easy.