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02-23-2006, 20:18
I have some old trail maps, books, etc... that I really have no use for:

1977 Harriman Park Map (south half)
1976 Upper Delaware River (Section 2, Cochecton to Port Jervis, NY)
1976 Upper Delaware River (Section 1, Hancock to Cochetcton, NY)
1970 Suggestions for Appalachian Trail Users 7th ed. pub. # 15.
1972 Guide for NY and NJ 7th ed.
1968 Guide for NH and VT 2nd Ed.
1971 Milage Fact Sheet - it lists the trail as 2048 miles long!

If anyone's interested in history, or can provide these materials a good home, let me know. They're all in very good shape - they've obviously never actually been out on the AT!

-- Megabite

02-23-2006, 21:05
There are plans for an Applachian Trail Museum. They had a booth at ALDHA. I would think anything like this would be of intrest to them.

The Desperado
02-23-2006, 21:20
Am Applachian trail museum exists right now. Contact Lori pottiger at atc, i'm sure she or someone their can direct you ref. donations. I'm sure they are looking for donations, as they are really quite neww. Happy Trails!

TJ aka Teej
02-23-2006, 23:12
The AT museum is in the organizing stage right now, no physical location yet. I'd really like to see the '70 & '71 items, Megabite - I'll make copies and them donate them if that's OK with you. Send me a PM, please.
My not-1st-place entry for the logo:
the Museum site:
www.atmuseum.org (http://www.atmuseum.org)

03-26-2006, 14:43
I've got a copy of the New York Walk Book, publised by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conf. and The American Geographical Society, 4th edition, copyright 1971. I dont need it - anyone want to see it before it goes to the AT museum?

drop me a private message if you're interested.

-- Megabite