View Full Version : Record snow on Mt Mansfield, VT

02-01-2019, 20:49
Saw this yesterday : Record 98" of snow on Mt Mansfield on Jan 31st.

I guess it has snowed a lot this winter. Well, not a lot of storms but a lot when it has snowed.

There's a good pile here in the Whites too. Starting to run out of places to put it. One more big storm and I will be living in an igloo. Like one of my neighbors said the other day "AND, we still have February and March to go through!"

02-01-2019, 23:13
Looking forward to seeing it up close next week. Heading to Bartlett on Thursday.

02-02-2019, 05:29
2 weeks killington can't wait!!

02-02-2019, 07:52
The snow pack in the northeast is highly variable this year, there have been many coastal storms that have been warm so part of the storm dumps snow in the mountains while it rains near the coast. Even in the whites, the difference in snow pack on the southern edge to the northern whites is night and day. VT has not had the coastal impact so its all come down as snow. Northwestern Maine (where the AT is) is also getting some major snow depths.

I have been in the whites since 1987 and the weather patterns have definitely shifted a lot. The ocean is warmer with more energy in the atmosphere and more storms tend to ride farther north from down south. Temperature swings are a lot more pronounced. Welcome to AGW.