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Wolf - 23000
02-24-2006, 03:48
Ok, Most of us have our own trail name from something that happen to us or tell something about ourselves, I like to here some of those stories. Some of the name that come to mind over the years include:

I.O.W.A. - it stood for Idiots Out Walking Around

Flash - While doing laundry a hiker strip down to nothing and just wore his poncho. While outside waiting for his clothes, the wind blew up his poncho.

Those are just a few but would let hear some others.


02-24-2006, 07:32
I thought the sarcasm of "Roses" was funny.

02-24-2006, 08:30
I got my trail name from a good friend I used to hike with a lot. One day we were passing this beautiful stream and I decided to take a photo of it. I decided the best shot wouold be from some rocks out in the middle of the water. Of course as I hopped from rock to rock, to try and keep my feet dry, I slipped and fell in. She laughed and laughed and then later that day named me "fallsdownalot" because this was far from the first time she had seen me take a spill while hiking.

Green Bean
02-24-2006, 09:56
I found a Pack of freeze dried green beans at a shelter back a while ago and i carried them with me for about 3 days until i cooked them up but the name was givin to me the great ~GREEN BEAN~

02-24-2006, 10:34
Ok, Most of us have our own trail name from something that happen to us or tell something about ourselves, I like to here some of those stories.

02-24-2006, 11:47
This one was told to me by Mala in 97.

Our hero gets onto town, buys: loaf of french bread, several pounds of meat & cheese, lettuce, etc. Builds a sandwich & eats same. On arriving back at where he was staying, he procedes to deposite (rather forcably) that eaten sandwich under some shrubery. From that point on, his trail name was: "Ralph Underbush"


02-24-2006, 11:51
Long before I took on the "Footslogger" identity I was known as "Toot" to the AT hikers who knew me. Use your imagination ...

I still can't get Winton Porter to stop calling me that !!

It was an identity that I was glad to put behind me (no play on words intended)


02-24-2006, 18:15
You can probably guess. It unfortunately happened before I had an official food bag. I had a long day and threw my pack off and Kaboom! The can exploded onto everything. Better yet this happened on the 2nd night of a 6 night trip.

02-24-2006, 21:45
I wish I had a trail name

02-25-2006, 13:34
myself & a friend hiked to the top of Blood Mtn. once & i was huffin & puffin for air (dont have good lung power anyway). once on top, i turned to her & said, "you make my neckbone hurt." not my backbone, or tailbone, or anything like that. it was neckbone. thus, my trail name.... NECKBONE.
& its good to be back on WB after a year from a crashed computer.

02-25-2006, 15:00
I met a dude name Silent Nomad at Standing Bear April 05. He is a deaf hiker and was leaving the trail to visit his sister and consider weather he'd finish his hike or not.Anybody have any info on him?

Jack Tarlin
02-25-2006, 17:18
Favorite Trail name for a guy:

A few years back there was this guy hiking who got sick and tired of being told on a daily basis that his pack was too heavy and that he needed to ditch some stuff. One day he got fed up with all the comments, so he went out behind the shelter and BURIED a ton of unwanted stuff, including clothes, food, gear, and best of all, his Walkman.

When we found out later what he'd done he was immediately christened
"Underground Radio" which I thought ws pretty apt.

Favorite Trail name for a gal:

A few years back there was this great girl hiking; anyone who met her remembered her, which I suppose is understandable, as her Trail name was
"Dirty Little Barn Monkey." That one kinds stays with you.

02-25-2006, 17:45
Almond Joy and his girlfriend Mounds.

It was so funny because people would start laughing about a minute after they were introduced...once they started singing the jingle in their head. I don't know the story behind the names though.
In '01 a guy was trying to dry his socks (really expensive Bridgedales) over the fire inside a shelter in the Smokies, needless to say they caught on fire, stinking the place to high heaven of burnt hair. The next day we named him Foots Aflame.

02-25-2006, 22:40
I met "Mr. conversation" on my 99 thru-hike. The guy seldom said a word when staying in shelters with other hikers. If you say 'hello" or "how are you" he did not acknowledge your greeting. He got his trail name when a group of hikers decided to go to town and asked another hiker to go with them but the hiker told them to go without him because he was staying with "Mr. Conversation" and the name stuck.

Sleepy the Arab
02-25-2006, 22:50
The best trail name I encountered was Sock-in-the-hole. Apparently this fellow dropped his pack and walked off to "use the woods" early on in the hike. Unfortunately, he had grabbed the wrong bag, and found himself in desperate in leaveless woods.

When he came back to the shelter, it didn't take long for other hikers to notice he now had only one sock on. Conclusions were drawn...and a trail name was born.

Too bad the guy hated it so much he changed it at Kincora to something lame and forgettable.

02-26-2006, 11:00
I keep referring to hubby as "the furry little bastard", but I'm afraid that the site will censor it into something unrecognizable.:)

02-27-2006, 10:32
During my first attempt in 2000 I met a young guy, at Springer Mt. shelter. He had a large hunting knife and was carving on a piece of wood. I asked him "what are you making?" His reply was "a spoon." He had forgot to bring one. His trail name became Spoonman. The next day we met a hiker from New Zealand. He had a business making wooden spoons. He than became the "Spoonman" and the other guy became "Craftsman".
Spoonman, from New Zealand is doing another thru this year.

02-27-2006, 11:07
In 2003 there was a hiker who made it to Trail Days who was still searching for a trail name. He mentioned that he wanted a totally unique trail name that no one has ever been called before. Papa Squat overheard this and said, "I'll give you a trail name nobody's ever had... TWO DOGS F*@#ING!" And he went by it for the remainder of the trail.

02-27-2006, 22:51
Mine should be in the dehydrated milk section...
It was july in VA last year, my first real week on the trail (EVER) and i had some gatorade in a ziplock that i would occasionally dip into. I also had some dehydrated milk in another ziplock and lucky me, i poured about a quarter cup of milk, mistaking it for gatorade, into my water bladder. about half a mile and half a liter later in the hot, humid, sweaty regions of the "rollercoaster", i ended up puking because i realized i was drinking straight dehydrated milk instead of gatoraide. all i can say is that i have learned to label my ziplocks a little more carefull now days.

03-28-2006, 21:41
Met a thru-hiker that would not shut up. He said he didn't know why they called him "Mike the mouth"

03-28-2006, 22:43
i got "limbo" during a week trial run in virginia when i tried diving under a fallen tree on the path.....needless to say my pack got VERY stuck and everyone behind me almost peed their pants to the sight of me laying in the mud trying to free myself

added note: the tree was quite low that with little effort it would have been easy to climb over (and thats what everyone else did)

Gray Blazer
03-29-2006, 09:07
Wolf, are you the wolf I met on the trail at Tellico Gap last Friday? BTW, I got my name because I drive a Gray Blazer.

03-29-2006, 09:54
I got mine at Hawk Mtn. shelter. A bunch of hikers sitting around a campfire doing movie impressions and celebrity impersonations. I noted that my favorite movie was "Sling Blade" and did a line or two. "Whatchu keel Jeesie fer" "You got any buscuits for sale in dare?" and on and on. Well it stuck of course. Thing about A name like Slingblade is that its the kind of name that you have to explain to everyone. Tell the story everytime. Well if you saw the movie you get it and then its "Well lets hear it" "Do some Sling Blade". And I find myself doing my 13,704th impersonation of the caracter. If they HAVE NOT seen the movie I find myself explaining that I was named after a character in a movie who was mentally retarded and murdered people with a sling blade. So if you go with tradition as I did and let the trail name you be prepared for anything. AH-ITE-DEN

03-29-2006, 11:41
Wolf, are you the wolf I met on the trail at Tellico Gap last Friday? BTW, I got my name because I drive a Gray Blazer.
Wolf 23000 is second from the left. Lone Wolf, third from left, facing away.

The Will
03-29-2006, 14:55
In '97 there was a northbounder who went by the name, "Love-to-Hike" (I'm sure Nean remembers). His name was ironic to say the least. I, being SOBO, met him just north of the Kennebec and he was cursing his time on the trail and doing thirty mile days just to get it over with. I questioned him on why he didn't just go home if he was having such an awful time and I still remember his response: "What am I going to do, go home with my tail between my legs?"

In retrospect he may have found the AT to be a good experience but at that time he seemed like one of those who succeed in taking the 5 million steps but fail in realizing the value of the experience.

03-29-2006, 15:17
Master Sergeant Ernie Bilko was a television character in the 60's. Played by Phil Silvers he was a conning friendly hustler that worked in the Air Force. He spend most of his time trying to figure out how to make a quick buck. In the 90's Steve Martin played the role of Ernie Bilko in a feature film. Both characters often replied to questions about their success in conning and hustling others with "That's why they call me, Master Sergeant."
I'm a retired Master Sergeant from the Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force, I some how found work at a Catholic School as an Assistant Principal, my boss, a nun, called to question my ability to get things done in unconventional ways. I replied "That's why they call me, Master Sergeant." Her reply was "OK Bilko how did you do it?" It stuck with me. And later while we discussed my hiking habits and the need of a trail name, BILKO was a logical choice. When a nun, gives you a trail name I guess you got to keep it.