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02-08-2019, 23:34
Hi, I am 24 years old and I am a young man. I wondering if anybody out there is looking for a hiking partner. I am leaving in late April if not early May. I am wanting to thruhike North bound. I'd like to hike with someone.

02-09-2019, 09:18
Good Morning,

I advise I will give you, and others will second ... is that whether you start with someone or not, during that time block there will be enough starting that you will easily find a person, or people to hike with ... that hike the way you would like to when it comes to miles per day, stops etc.... However, I do know i is often nice to have someone to "start" with, even if you don't keeping hiking together.... so, best of luck, and happy trails!!!


02-09-2019, 09:42
I'd like to hike with someone.

You will hike with more than you ever dreamed of

Now, heres the thing about everyone that poses such a question
They have no concept of what the AT is like. Absolutely none.

Why are they even looking to hike something they obviously know nothing about.?

Why not do a little research...
Theres a half dozen good reasons to not start with some random person if you want to finish.

Hikers naturally ebb and flow and group with hikers of similar speed and style . Your good match is unlikely to be someone you thought it would be. Also, dont get attached to anyone.....they are 80% likely to quit. Dont let them take you with them

02-09-2019, 16:11
I will keep that in mind. thanks. I have been watching a bunch of Youtube videos on gear and their daily lives really neat getting excited. I am sure I will find someone or a group to hike with.

Tipi Walter
02-09-2019, 17:10
I agree with MuddyWaters that you'll be hiking with alot of people, inevitably.

His words about "everyone posing such a question"::---"They have no concept of what the AT is like. Absolutely none. Why are they even looking to hike something they obviously know nothing about?"

If this is directed at WannabeAT it sounds pretty harsh.

I more agree with Turtle-2013---Best of luck and happy trails!! And keep watching those videos.

PS---WARNING THREAD DRIFT---Not having to do with Finding a Partner but late April will be here soon. One positive way to prepare beyond looking for a partner is to find a bag/pad system and start sleeping in the backyard or out on a deck or porch every night---or even indoors on the floor. Getting used to sleeping on a pad takes some time.

It's amazing what can be accomplished at home before a trip to learn about your gear---setting up a shelter in the yard (at night with a flashlight), your sleeping and sleeping comfort, taking down a shelter in the morning, stuffing a sleeping bag, rolling up a Thermarest (or whatever pad you get), even cooking up a backyard meal on your stove. "Avoiding Surprises in the Field" is the philosophy behind all this. Unwanted surprises are the bane of backpacking---especially for newbs.

And best of luck and happy trails!

02-09-2019, 17:29
I am in the “You are a day away from the Rocky Mountains school of thought.”
Think about it. Homemade Wanderlust and Metal Backpacker are two YouTube channels worth viewing for recent Rockies backpacking experience.
Same gear. Different environment.
Good luck!

02-09-2019, 17:43
Here’s a decent tent for your hike.