View Full Version : Umbrella hat?

02-19-2019, 20:06
Has anyone used an umbrella hat on the AT?

Five Tango
02-20-2019, 19:14
I tried it once,just didn't work out.I liked the idea and didn't mind looking so GOOFY.There's a place for them though, like wearing one while on a riding mower or maybe working in the yard or garden.Part of the problem for me was looking down for foot placement etc.;plus there was some conflict with it touching the pack as I recall.

02-20-2019, 22:35
I use a Chrome Dome umbrella on the PCT for sun protection. I love it. If you are looking for the AT for rain I think you would have problems with an umbrella in the underbrush. It attached to my pack, so it is virtually hands free.

02-21-2019, 07:14
Odds are unless there is chin strap the wind will claim it quickly.

02-21-2019, 08:24
One of these may work better. You could get above the rain.

Gambit McCrae
02-21-2019, 09:31
When I put one on it hit the back of my pack. At the time I carried a brain style pack. Now my pack is mu lower then my shoulders unless packed full of food. But yes the wind would more then likely blow it off

02-21-2019, 10:28
I think you should get one for entertainment value alone.

02-21-2019, 10:45
For my weekend trips to GSMNP, I take along a $3 'purse' umbrella. They pack really small and are light weight (as far as typical umbrellas go). It requires I use one hand to hold it, but with that tiny umbrella, I can keep the rain of my head, and when I hold it right, I keep most the rain off my pack. I tried strapping the umbrella to my pack, but my pack wound up getting really wet with water running down the pack and into my pants.

Don't know how well such a cheap umbrella would survive a thur hike as the metal will rust real quickly/easily in the weather (maybe giving it a slight coating of oil would improve it).

02-21-2019, 12:56
Try it - what have you got to lose but a few bucks? I think I'll pass, but I always carry an umbrella. The trick to avoid getting it caught in trees is to hold it loosely so it can roll with things... that would be tough to do with the hatbrella.

02-21-2019, 12:57
Plus for me, one of the great things about the umbrella is not needing anything on my head. I hate hoods, and if it's warm, I don't even want to wear a cap.

02-21-2019, 14:55
Plus for me, one of the great things about the umbrella is not needing anything on my head. I hate hoods, and if it's warm, I don't even want to wear a cap.
Same goes for a rain jacket.
There is no jacket you can make or purchase that is as "breathable" and wearing no jacket.

Five Tango
02-21-2019, 15:58
FWIW mine does have a chin strap.I also tried carrying the SwingLite Flex chrome dome style 8 oz umbrella.It worked ok in gentle rain but if you are in blowing rain like it was the first time I needed it,then you WILL be drenched.My efforts to tie it on sorta worked in rain but it was really great as a sun shield.

My current system is a rain kilt and a LightHart Gear pu rain jacket with huge pit zips.No matter what you use,you will be drenched either way and the rain jacket is just to keep you warm.So I pop up a tarp the minute the walking stops and change into dry camp clothes asap in order to avoid hypothermia.I recently purchased a Snugpack poncho which covers the pack and has sleeves and more air circulation underneath than a rain jacket but I expect it too will be too hot as well except in really cold weather.