View Full Version : Full moon!

02-19-2019, 23:09
Full moon. Clear skies. Lots of snow. 4 degrees. No wind.

A rare combination. Tomorrow night brings more snow and another week of unsettled weather.

Guess I need to suit up and go snowshoeing :)

02-19-2019, 23:23
Thanks. East Texas is clouded over. Last night. Tonight. Maybe tomorrow. No full moon for us.
Blue Ridge Mountains are getting everything in the way of freezing precipitation.
Be safe and warm Y’all!

02-20-2019, 01:04
Well, that was well worth the effort. Perfect night to do a moon dance. I followed the tracks I laid down a few days ago solely by moon light, about a mile loop. Down to 3 degrees by the time I got back, high clouds starting to move in from the west, summits are in the clouds. Guess a storm is a commin.

02-20-2019, 05:42
I've been enjoying this beautiful snow moon for the last few nights on my balcony hammock. It's finally clear after today's rain, so here I am again. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190220/12a79b6c71f0db1b9aeaf8f350548ddf.jpg