View Full Version : 06- Harpers Ferry to Springer..Rental Car OR???

02-24-2006, 21:21


I am looking for a ride from Harpers Ferry to
Springer- End of March to first of April. Any
one driving down at that time?

If I can not find a ride- I am going to rent
a car one way to Gainsville GA. Willing to
give rides for rental and gas spilts.

BTW- Me= very very cool 48 yo SWF thru-
hiking (with a flipflop) ***My Springer
Spaniel is coming with so must be a dog
lover :)

Email if you want to put together a plan.
Will call ya to work out all the details.


02-24-2006, 22:29
I was getting ready to say I had a ride for you. But NO PETS allowed in this family's car. Sorry. You'll have lots of trouble along the trail with your pet such as access to hostels, motels, restaurants, hitches, etc.

Morning Glory
02-28-2006, 16:15
If you can get down to the Erwin, TN area, I'm leaving to go to Atlanta on Saturday, March 4th. I could drop you off at Springer on the way down.

Morning Glory
02-28-2006, 16:16
woops, I saw you said the end of March. Sorry. There's a good chance I'll be heading down that way again toward the end of March too.

02-28-2006, 16:52
Have you priced one way car rentals out yet? I looked in to it as an option in 2003 to get from Houston to Atlanta, it wound up costing me FAR less to fly.

02-28-2006, 23:02
HI All-

Thanks for the feedback. We will be renting a car from Hapers Ferry to Gainsville at the end of March. Also- Renting one way back to Maine next Fall. If any other flip/floppers need a ride. Please feel free to get back to me. Seeya on the trail! Fargo