View Full Version : North Pond Tote Road

02-12-2003, 22:49
I am planning on doing the 100 Mile Wilderness North to South. I have a couple of access questions? Yes, it is only 2 hours and 4 miles more to ME 15, but from Cloud Pond Lean-to it is a 14+ mile hike to the North Pond tote road, I am not sure I want to add another 4 miles to my hike with full packs. Unless I push for Long Pond Stream adding 4 miles to previous day hike over Barren Mountain. Possible but highly unlikely.

So I need to know what landmark I should look for on Elliottsville Road for the North Pond Tote Road so I can park my car for the car shuttle.
Could someone try and help me out as nobody could supply me with answers to this problem/question. A logical place to hike out to Elliottsville Road is to go out at the North Pond tote road. Looking at the map this is the shortest place between the AT & Elliottsville Road. This exit is much better situated than the road out to Bodfish Farm. So my four-fold question is how bad would this bushwack be along this tote road. It appears to be a straight forward trek down an old woods road. Also, what landmark should I look for on Elliottsville Road to park my car as I don't want to hike down to the road and have no idea which way to go on the road to reach my car. What landmark should I look for going southbound on the AT to make a left turn on the tote-road? (Corollary question) Can North Pond be seen from this intersection - to the right? Lastly, am I crossing private property and would I have to get permission to walk out along this old road?

I am not planning this trip until August 28 - Sept. 6. So if anyone would be so kind if in the area to check the exact distance on their odometer on Elliottsville Road from road coming up from Willimantic to North Pond Tote Road, that would
help us out immensely.

Lastly, in another area, can I approach the AT and how close to it can I get from the east with a normal passenger car on West Branch Ponds Road. I'll be coming in from JoMary Campground.

Thanks for all the help.