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03-01-2019, 18:59
I've walked the trail for 15 years.and worked on trail with the AT. for 10 years there is nothing more rewarding then the thought that what you did will last way until you go to the great trail in sky .enjoy the steps and rock work I did. peace and tranquility

03-01-2019, 20:26
Yea, all I do is brush and that has no lasting effect :) There's some pretty amazing rock work along the AT, that takes talent. If your work is in PA, I'll likely step on it in a month or so.

03-01-2019, 22:26
I agree. There is a set of rock steps I helped with that I know will last long after I'm gone. It's a great feeling.

03-02-2019, 18:23
I did my first stint with the Konarock trail crew about 25 years ago. We built steps on the north side of High Rocks near Erwin, TN. The steps are still there but the trail now bypasses High Rocks and the steps are on a blue blaze. During my thru hike I was able to check on some of the work I had done over the years. Boardwalks in NJ and PA, rock steps in ME, VT, VA, TN, and NC, water bars in ME and Smokies, and side hill in VA and TN. If you have never done trail work I encourage everyone to try it. The ATC is accepting volunteers for this years trail crews.