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03-03-2019, 11:34
Along with not running the traditional opening day in January it looks like BSP has limited the rolling reservations system access. There is no impact to South bounders booking Katahdin Stream but for anyone else going elsewhere in the park, things are not as easy as in the past few years.

The big change is the two most popular backcountry campgrounds can not be reserved on line. A minor change that may impact last minute visitors is that the bunkhouses are no longer bookable in advance. Previously the campgrounds and bunkhouses were available on line.

Reservations for these sites must be made by phone, mail, or in person:
the merry month of May
Chimney Pond and Russell Pond campgrounds
Davis Pond and Wassataquoik Lake Island lean-tos
Group Sites

The issue I have seen in the last few years is despite the online reservation system, getting through to the reservation clerk is difficult after Memorial Day. In the last couple of years I end up blocking out a couple of hours and just doing multiple redials. It has taken a couple of days on a few occasions. Given that they got rid of opening day this year that means more folks will potentially be calling in and I suspect that there has been no increase in staff or lines. In general I perceive that the number of long term campers staying in the park for extended periods is declining substituted by shorter term campers which means more staff time as setting up the account for each new camper takes the most time of the reservation. For those thruhikers who try to call the park from Nestabunt Mountain or from the few areas in the 100MW with spotty cell coverage I expect it will make things difficult to lock in a spot if they cant even get a reservation clerk on the line. Another good reason to set up accommodations at BSP in advance in Monson

Note as in past years Katahdin Stream is booked solid for use on Labor Day weekend by Native Americans. The park warns thru hikers in advance and as usual makes attempts to fit people in other sites but those planning in advance should avoid that date.

03-03-2019, 14:21
I know it's different for winter camping, but I reserved chimney pond by mail and just sent it in a little earlier then opening day. They normally will hold onto it until opening day for reservations. I had no issues with them processing it and they then they mailed me back my confirmation.