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02-25-2006, 17:06
I'm looking for a new pack. I've kinda narrowed down the size i would want, which is around 2500 cu. in. Any bigger would be overkill for myself.

I've been looking at the Gregory G 2005 or the GoLite Jam. Both haul around 25ish pounds, with similar cu. in. The major difference in the packs is that the G 2005 has an internal frame and the Jam has none. Not have anyone in my area that sell either pack, i am not able to see, touch, test either pack. I'm 5'10" 155 pounds, with either pack i would get Medium with some ajustments. So, after reading reviews and not getting anywhere, i've come to ask another question.

Does anyone have experence with either pack, do you like or dislike it and why? also, do people perfer internal frame or no frame (aside from the weight difference)?

Thanks in advance.

02-25-2006, 17:16
what i ment to ask is do people Perfer internal frame or no frame for packs around the 2500 cu. in. size?

just looking for info about the smaller sized packs, in a larger pack internal is optimal.

Thanks in advance.

02-25-2006, 19:32
If you can fit all your gear in a pack that size, I'm going to assume your around the 20 - 30 lb. pack weight. At that point, why add weight with a frame in your pack? Also, at that weight, you probably won't need the frame. What do you use for sleeping? Can or will a sleeping pad be used for a "frame"? I recently bought a Golite Jam and am quite happy with the quality of it straight out of the box. Although, I haven't been able to feild test it yet, so I can't give you a solid review. Just my .02$

02-25-2006, 19:33
I use the Go Lite Gust which doesn't have a frame. My solution is to roll my sleeping mat up loosely and put it in my pack and then put everything in the middle of it (if that makes sense). It worked great because I didn't have odd things sticking into my pack and it gave the overall outfit a bit of stability.

In general, no frame (or a small hip-belt for that matter too) are good with light loads but as soon as you start going over 20 pounds or so it can get really uncomfortable really fast.

02-25-2006, 19:50
I have the medium Jam and strongly recommend it. I'm 5'9" and 145 lbs, quite close to your height and weight. I think the max I've used it to has been 23 lbs but I'm much lighter now. The Gust does not have external water bottle pockets and I don't like it for that. Besides it is also much bigger than 2500ci.

02-25-2006, 19:56
thanks guys.

i don't currently use a sleeping pad (i'm a warm sleeper), however i'm in the market for one since this season i would like to try a few long-weekend / over night trips using a hammock.

i usually stay, depending on trip length, anywhere from 14 pounds (w/ food / water) to 18 pounds (w/ food / water).

02-25-2006, 20:06
I own both types. I haven't done the research on the availability of the "frame" or external type packs. You do know that the "internal" type packs are usually more stable when it comes to a lot of movement. As far as hiking on the AT, it really doesn't matter which you choose. If I was rock scrambling on uncharted territory or bush whacking cross-country, then I would have to go with the internal or no-frame type pack. There use to be some really neat external packs available that was made of carbon type material.

02-25-2006, 23:24
my immediate thought was that if your pack is as light as 25 pounds, that there wouldn't be too much need for a frame.

I don't know what the type of frameless pack your considering looks like, but mine and others I've seen have that water-bag space between the bag and the back pad, and I just slipped my tent poles in there and they made for a decent frame (and no added weight).

02-25-2006, 23:50
I have an '04 g-pack medium ($47 closeout at campmor hotdeals when I got it) that I have carried grossely over weighted at 35# and been very happy and very comfortable with it. The outer dump pocket or whatever it is called is not as bad as it looks. The material is fairly water resistant tho I have resprayed with silicone.