View Full Version : Is Hikers Paradise in Gorham still a hostel?

03-11-2019, 11:35
After years of being on sale Hikers Paradise and the associated cabins got sold last summer. There does seem to be little bit of activity on weekends with the cabins but does not look like they are actively pursuing the hikers business. The old Hiker Paradise website is still active but the only accommodations listed are the cabins. The prior owner reportedly had been losing interest in the business for several years with their services getting less and less every year. With the active ATV business in area places to stay on weekend is getting real tough without reservations and most places require booking two nights non refundable.

Anyone have anything up to date? I live locally so I don't need the services but on occasion I run into folks who do.

The Barn definitely has gotten more active than in the past and Rattle River is running full bore (although they did close this winter contrary to their stated intentions of running year round, there are about 8 foot snowbanks in front of it currently).

03-11-2019, 12:34
I haven't heard anything from my gossip sources. I suspect they are more interested in the ATV crowd who are willing to pay 10X more then a thru hiker for a place to stay. And the ATVers do like cabins.

Of course, we could just call them and ask. Or stop by next time we're in town. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I need to go to the Royalty anyway for my shower. I can't wait for all the snow to melt so I can fix my water system, but I will miss the pool and hot tub :)

03-11-2019, 22:18
Took a last minute trip through the area for last Columbus Day Weekend. Not a room to be had at the Hikers Paradise or anywhere in Gotham for that matter. Drove the loop up 16, through Dixville Notch, and down 3. We climbed up Table Rock, enjoyed the foliage and had a great day and drove home late at night. Next time I will plan ahead.