View Full Version : Tom Floyd Shelter - No Water in Ginger Spring

03-23-2019, 21:22
I hiked up to the Tom Floyd Shelter today and found that Ginger Spring is unusable. There was more water on the trail then in Ginger Spring itself. I didn't see any way you could draw any usable water from it. For NOBOs, you should be able to get water at Indian Run Spring after you cross Compton Gap. I can't confirm this since Skyline Drive in that area has been closed. Otherwise, the next reliable water source is a stream about 1.5 miles north on the AT just before VA 602.

03-25-2019, 12:38
Yeah, the Tom Floyd shelter is a dump. It's only 3 miles from Front Royal and I doubt many people would miss it if it were gone.

03-30-2019, 16:29
The Indian River Spring is flowing well. It's not a big spring, but you can easily draw water from it. The Indian River Spring is .2 miles off the AT just north of Compton Gap. The route to the spring is well marked, and it's easy to get to.

09-09-2019, 10:07
Hello - I am planning on tent camping at Tom Floyd in about two weeks. Does anyone know if the spring is flowing now that it is fall?