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03-31-2019, 21:57
My GPS data for the AT only contains the track and shelter data. There's no water data, or resuply data or privy data in the file. I'm utilizing KML, but I can also use GPX by converting the file. Is there anyone out there who can assist me with obtaining these waypoints? It would be awesome to have. I notived that my data for other trails, like the PCT and CDT contain a wide variety of information in their waypoints, particularly in regard to water sources.

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03-31-2019, 22:36
Most people buy a guide
Paper or electronic

If you have shelters, you already have the most reliable water sources.

03-31-2019, 22:55
Sounds good 😎🍺

03-31-2019, 23:37
Or get the Guthook app, available for Apple and Android.

Gambit McCrae
04-01-2019, 08:03
Or get the Guthook app, available for Apple and Android.

realtime GPS locations while in airplane mode.

Water is pretty much available at least every 5 miles on the AT, with some longer stretches here and there

04-01-2019, 13:09
Thank you !!!

04-01-2019, 14:46
As previous noted, you want to get Guthook for your smartphone. Not only does it have water waypoints, but it also gives waypoint information on shelters, scenic views, towns, hostels, campsites, roads, etc. It is an AT guide in itself; although having access to a guide like the AT Guide is a good thing to have also.

04-02-2019, 13:00
Thank you. Sounds good 👌