View Full Version : Sobo blueblaze around katahdin?

04-01-2019, 13:54
Crazy Question? I have a family member going south from Baxter for the first few days of a sobo. Is there a blueblaze around katahdin? Thank you

04-01-2019, 14:10
Katahdin is an out-and-back climb on AT (hunt trail) for a sobo. You are free to skip it.

04-01-2019, 14:12
Can you further clarify your question? Katahdin is the start of a SOBO. Does the person not intend to go up to the sign/top or does the person not want to go up and down on the same portion of the AT from the base to get to the top?

04-01-2019, 14:28
There is no need to go over Katahdin. Unlike Springer where a hiker goes up the approach trail to the summit and then steps onto the AT, a southbounder either goes up the AT from Katahdin Stream to the summit and then backtracks the AT back to KSC or possibly hitches to Abol Campground, hikes up Abol and intersects the AT near Thoreau Springs on the Tableland and then hikes up via the AT to the summit and then backtracks via the AT to Thoreau Springs and heads south on the AT. For those starting on the East Side of the mountain at Russell Pond there is the Baxter peak Cutoff trail that cuts out the summit cone for those ascending the Saddle trail but realistically most of the hard work has been done getting to that point and heading down the AT from that point is no picnic. Ideally if the family member has a car, have them drop you off at Roaring Brook (if the summit forecast is good) on the east side and have them meet you at Katahdin Stream in the afternoon preferably with beer and pizza from the store at Ambejejus Lake after you have done the most spectacular approach trail around which is Helon Taylor trail to the Knife Edge to the summit. Then get your picture taken at the summit by the folks that are inevitably up top and then begin your hike south. The park has numerous short and medium length dayhikes for the family member to occupy their time . A popular one from Russel Pond is a short hike to Sandy Stream Pond where there is high likelihood of a few moose. If they want more of a hike there is trail to South Turner Mountain with a great view looked west towards the mountain. There are numerous day hikes near KSC, Daicey Pond and Kidney Pond on the west side of the mountain. Do everyone a favor and book a campsite at KSC (or nearby if you have a car) for the night after your summit. Its long day and best to take a break before loading up and heading south out of the park.

04-01-2019, 14:48
Perhaps TJ's 2019 SOBO's Guide will help.