View Full Version : Is a map needed for side trails in SNP?

04-15-2019, 12:17
Hey everyone, this forum has already been so much help in planning this trip so thank you all for that. Now on to another question.

Iím leaving to hike the AT through SNP quite soon and depending on my pace I would like to hit side trails along the way (I love waterfalls and heard there are many) my question is. Do I need to have maps beforehand of the side trails I want to explore? Or are they well enough marked that a map is unnecessary to find your way down the trail and back to the AT?

Also if anyone has suggestions of what they think are the most worthy side trails and why they are I would be happy to have new considerations.

Thanks again guys and gals!!

04-15-2019, 12:26
I think the SNP map is very useful in planning your side trips. Not absolutely necessary for navigation, as most trails in the park are very well marked.

04-15-2019, 16:22

This website provides all the maps for all the hiking trails in SNP. They provide useful info for each hike, like elevation gain. Hard copies of these maps are also available in the park, especially the Byrd Visitors Center at Big Meadows.

04-15-2019, 19:37
If you want to maximize your time on the great SNP trails off of the AT, I highly recommend the 3 map set from the PATC. https://www.patc.net/PATC/Our_Store/PATC_Maps.aspx

By far the best hiking in SNP are the non AT trails.


04-15-2019, 20:22
We used the Nat Geo/Trails Illustrated maps while there for a week. It has a chart of data on all the many falls as well. Planned quite a few waterfall hikes and two short loops using them. I don't know how they compare to the others mentioned. Probably any map that gives info on the many falls would work.