View Full Version : numbers seem to be down (at least at hostels)

04-15-2019, 14:46
Was at Kincora yesterday and it was empty.
Bob said there were a good deal fewer hikers this week than the same time last year.
At Black Bear Vitamin D and his wife, and 2-3 other through hikers were all that were there.
Crazy Heart was off the trail with medical problems (a month of hiking and no appetite at all) and his hiking partner Woodward was off with a bad knee.
That has been the report from hostel owners since we left Standing Bear. The Station at 19E was way down (on the good side their sound proofing worked like a charm).
I donít know if it means fewer hikers or if people are using hostels less.

04-18-2019, 20:04
I was at Mountain Harbour Inn (TN 19E) and they said the same thing.. Also there is a guy scamming people at 19e claiming to be Mountain Harbour with the famous $12 breakfast. But they end up getting cold cereal, fruit and bagels for 10 bucks. He also illegally blazed a blue trail off the AT and calls it the Brew Blaze that leads to his place. Totally not cool.