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04-17-2019, 13:03
I was visiting family this past weekend and we stopped by Amicalola on Monday to check out the falls. While there I stopped by the AT registration area and saw many excited hikers ready to start their journey. The previous weekend I had been section hiking the Erwin, TN area and for some reason had randomly wondered how hard it would be be hike the trail without the use of an arm or a hand. Ironically, there at the check-in was a hiker with a red tag who did not have his left arm. He later passed us on the approach trail as my family was checking out the waterfall. I don't know who he is but I hope the best for him and he has been added to my list of "trail inspiration" that keeps me going whenever I am out section hiking.

Tennessee Viking
04-17-2019, 17:43
Trevor Thomas aka Zero Zero is blind and a multi-trail thru hiker.

Crazy Larry #1
04-18-2019, 11:51
I have had many a disabled walk through Crazy Larry's door. I am reminded of "Loner Bohner" who stayed with me last year. On his fourth thru hike with terminal bone cancer.

05-27-2019, 03:33
Last year in the summer I was hiking through National Park Shhuchye Lake Komarovo, St. Petersburg in Russia and was truly amazed by the nature there. And the festivals! Scarlet Sails is my favourite one. https://petersburg.expert/blog/white-nights-st-petersburg-dates-festivals-tips/