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04-18-2019, 12:57

What sleeping bag would people recommend? All the advice on this forum seem to recommend ones way out of my price range, so my challenge is: Does anyone know of a bag out there for under $100 that fulfils the following criteria?

- less than 3lbs in weight
- not huge in size when packed (ideally no more than 12" x 8")
- Isn't totally rubbish...

I am planning a section hike on the AT from West Virginia to Pennsylvania in June so I am thinking a temperature comfort range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or would people suggest going down to 30 degrees?

My thoughts are that if necessary, a less good bag might be improved with a liner of some description, which might offset some of the performance loss of a cheap bag, especially as I am only camping in the summer.

In terms of material, at this price point I am guessing synthetic, but open to any other suggestions people might have.

Thanks for any input people give.

04-18-2019, 12:59
Tough call...I can't think of one, but other may chime in. Under $100 and down to 30* while still being that kind of size...doubtful unless you can find something gently-used/2nd hand

04-18-2019, 13:17
Check out this on Amazon or ALiExpress, probably the closest thing you will find to what you are looking for unless used. People on Reddit seem to like them for the most part, as long as ethics are not a potential concern.

aegismax ul down bag/quilt

04-18-2019, 13:20
If you can sew, you can make an Apex quilt by buying the kit from RBTR. The Apex 7.5 oz will get you to 30* easy for less then $100 and under 3 lbs.

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Gambit McCrae
04-18-2019, 13:36
I have always encouraged finding quality brands used on ebay so that is an option. The other option for june is it will be in the 60s at night. Could probably get by with a fleece liner

04-18-2019, 13:38
Not enough information.
We need your total sleep system.
The truth is that a quality down bag or quilt is the most economical purchase in the long run. The Long Run is defined over decades of use.
Buy quality once.

04-18-2019, 13:52
REI Outlet has several in your price range. https://www.rei.com/c/mens-sleeping-bags?ir=category%3Amens-sleeping-bags&r=c%3Btemperature-rating-f%3A30%20to%2039&sort=min-price

This is the best I saw at first glance: https://www.rei.com/rei-garage/product/150870/marmot-nanowave-35-sleeping-bag-long

That being said, if you plan on doing more trips in the future, I would highly recommend investing in a quality bag. They will last decades with care.

Make sure you have a decent pad, which helps a great deal in temp ratings and keeping warm.

Liners are generally not worth it to me, you are better off buying a bag that will go as low as you need it to. It usually comes out lighter overall that way. Liners also never give you the advertised warmth boost. Maybe half of what is promised if you are lucky.

04-18-2019, 15:24
If the longer size is ok, this bag is a deal:
I'd say it's more like a 40.

Other than a sale like that, there are tons of synthetic bags that will do the trick for under $100. Just find a good sale value. Once you get down to colder temps, synthetic becomes much higher weight and bulk, but it's a reasonable option if you don't plan to camp in fringe seasons

04-18-2019, 15:42
Buy used

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04-18-2019, 16:00
Kelty Cosmic Down 20? You can find them new on sale for around $100 sometimes. $117 right now on Amazon. If it's got to be under $100, try a Cosmic Down 40, but then you'd need a liner which is going to be more than $17, so you might as well just get the 20.

Edit to add that you can get the 40 for $71 bucks on SteepnCheep.

04-18-2019, 17:20
If you are okay with lightly (perhaps even never) used, check out and see if WB member greensleep still has the bags listed below for sale. I think he had a thru-hike planned and bought a lot of gear, but never used most of it due to health problems. Both are high quality 800+ fill down bags. I bought a Western Mountaineering sleeping bag from him recently (same sale) and it honestly looks like it has never been used. He shipped promptly and provided a tracking number and everything. Other people here on WB bought stuff from him and there were no complaints posted.

Sleeping bags:
Marmot mummy bag, rated to 25 degrees, 80",850 goosedown fill $100.00
Montbell mummy bag, rated to 40 degrees, 80", 800 downfill $150.00

Here's the thread: https://whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php/132736-I-have-some-packs-sleeping-bags-and-a-bivy-for-sale

04-18-2019, 18:40
How about this for $125...

Except for the price, it exceeds your requirements.
Pack Size: 7x15 (575cuin) v. 8x12 (600cuin)
Weight: 2#15
Size: Long (roomy)
Rating: 21F
Quality: Mountain Hardware

Oh, and then there's the "Regular" Size for $120 and 3oz lighter:

04-18-2019, 18:46
If you can stand a 42F rating, you can get real small and real light for only $120
Pack Size: 6x12 (350cuin)
Weight: 2#2

04-18-2019, 22:26
I'd recommend outlets and clearance sales. I helped a young friend of my daughter's outfit herself after college. We found a really nice Sierra Designs down bag at REI for half its normal price. It was a discontinued model. REI Garage Sales are another place to look.

A good sleeping bag will last for a very long time. To me, it's the thing you should target the biggest chunk of your budget towards.

If you're crafty, this is another option:

04-18-2019, 22:38
What you consider sleepwear can also be a way to extend comfort/versatility without hammering open the piggy.

I slept in long underwear beneath a Costco down throw last weekend in PA, with lows at night in the low 50’s and was way too warm.

04-18-2019, 23:35

This is what I took on my thru, military issue. I was plenty comfy. The only thing I didn't like was the 3/4 zipper. Can get them off of Amazon or Army Surplus (maybe Air Force? surplus) sites for a cheap price, ~$30-$50. I sleep pretty warm tho but they also have liners that you can get with 'em (even Amazon has them). Says 2.2 lbs, rolls up nicely in one of those Walmart nylon bags you get in the camping section.

04-19-2019, 08:42
Hi neighbor. The REI in Henrietta frequently has good deals and sales on sleeping bags. I agree that, as one of your most important pieces of gear, you should look into getting a quality bag that fits your needs; however, I've logged hundreds of nights and thousands of miles in my 20yr old cheapo Slumberjack before I upgraded to a BA bag a few years ago. A lot of people, myself included, find liners to be a bit of a hassle.

04-19-2019, 14:02
Hi Everyone,

wow, thanks for all the great suggestions. Some really good advice and pointers here so appreciate everyone's input. Reckon second-hand should hopefully yield something and if not, like the idea of making my own. Thanks again