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05-05-2019, 18:51
Where would you go for a 4 day section hike first week of June anywhere from Pennsylvania to Vermont. I just can't decide where to go so many options!

05-06-2019, 12:14
Although PA is rocky, it's easy - especially the southern part. The weather could be hot. Vermont on the other hand should have much cooler weather. I'd skip NY and NJ. Too busy. As a recommendation, I would do a section that encompasses Upper Goose Cabin, Dalton, MA and Bascom Lodge on Mount Greylock. I really liked that area and the hiking wasn't too difficult.

One thing you didn't say in your post was what kind of hiker you are. Maybe you're looking for something more challenging. Then Vermont may be better for you. New York had some surprising challenges as well.

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05-06-2019, 14:28
I did Connecticut as a section hike during June several years ago and it was just about perfect.YMMV

05-06-2019, 18:00
If travel time/distance isn't an issue, you could park in Rutland, VT. Several parking areas [see entries in link for US 4 - Sherburne Pass and Sherburne Pass Trail (South Junction)] - http://rohland.homedns.org:8008/at/state/state_detail/AT_state_detail.aspx?stateID=7&sectionID=47#footnote

Shuttle https://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/at-shuttles.php back to Manchester Ctr and the AT trailhead - maybe another WB member knows a good shuttler in this area? or...

Hitch west on Rt 4 from the parking area to Rutland and intersection with Rt 7, then hitch south on Rt 7. Hitching is legal in VT (you must stay out of the roadway proper - stay far off on the shoulder or on the grass) and is incredibly easy if you're a hiker wearing a pack - you might well get a ride right to the AT trailhead off Rootville Rd/Moosehead Ln in Man Ctr. Vermonters are very hiker friendly and will often go out of their way a little for you, and a lot of the westbound traffic on Rt 4 will turn left at Rt 7 and head south towards Man Ctr. Make a paper sign you can hold up that says AT - Manchester Ctr. I've never failed to get a ride anywhere in VT, and usually within only a few minutes.

However you get there, hike NOBO to Rutland. Nice section of VT's green Mountains including Bromley Mtn, Peru and Killington Peaks, just about 50 hiking miles total. I'd call it moderately difficult. There are some long climbs up the mountains, and there will be mud in some places still in early June, and some black flies (bring DEET!), but it's not NH or ME difficult.

I like the Massachusetts section mentioned by ldsailor as well. And closer to home in NY there's always Greenwood Lake to Peekskill or wherever you wind up.