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02-28-2006, 13:00
REI is holding walk-in sessions at their two stores in southeast Michigan titled "Backpacking Light and Fast (http://www.rei.com/stores/store_event_detail.jsp?pid=3F335831612FBDDB7B54CDA 3EC6A17AF&template_id=14&template_family=webDetail&ignore_cache=1)". I have no opinion on the sessions other than the description below.

7 PM, Wednesday, March 1: REI Northville (Haggerty & 6 Mile)

7 PM, Thursday, March 2: REI Troy (766 E. Big Beaver)

Description: Is your pack too heavy? Did you carry too much on your last trip? An REI backpacking expert will provide excellent tips on lightweight backpacking techniques. Included are shelters, sleep systems, backpacks, food choices, and fuel efficiency. Come with tips to share with others.

If you're in southeast Michigan and can't make or aren't interested in these sessions but are interested in lightweight backpacking and gear, then feel free to PM me and we can hook up sometime to talk about my favorite topic. My daughter and I had dinner with Homecoming Queen (aspiring 2007 thru-hiker) and her hubby last weekend and had a great time.

02-28-2006, 14:26
Is anyone going to the one in troy? I might to just to have fun.