View Full Version : Silly Season in the whites

05-11-2019, 08:10
Lots of lost/unprepared folks up in the whites of late. The snow pack is around 3000 feet and the softwoods are really holding onto the snow pack. The snow cover is holding on later in the season than in recent years so folks are heading into the woods without enough gear and are not aware that route finding in snow is a lot harder than in the summer. The area has been stuck on a frontal boundary and the temps have been below average and until that breaks I expect the snow pack will be hanging on for awhile.

05-11-2019, 11:42
Are lanes on the highway opening up yet?

One Half
05-12-2019, 11:08
oh goodness.

I was hoping you weren't going to report a death or rescue. But give it time as next weekend is a "long weekend"


05-12-2019, 12:55
More snow on the way in the whites into Tuesday. This time of year weather changes so quickly in the Whites.

05-12-2019, 21:24
And here I was peak-bagging up there on Thursday overheating while hiking, sunning myself on big warm exposed rocks, and feeling kinda sad, walking on dirt, rock and hard-packed stable mono-rail thinking the joy of winter is gone, the adventure of postholing to my waste (with snowshoes on) in rotton spring snow was gone, and now we're into warm, sweating, buggy, wet spring/summer conditions. I was even looking at an optimistic mountain forecast that was predicting up to two feet of snow on Mount Adams on Tuesday, only to be disappointed when it was updated a few hours later to only a few inches. Heck, we even saw our first "other person" out of our last three hikes. She looked adequately prepared unlike the navigationally challenged people we encountered on two of our winter hikes, lost when their phones' GPS's weren't working well enough for their liking.

Oh well. We'll just have to adjust our expectations for the next few months until the adventurous weather and trail conditions return. ;-)