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05-13-2019, 07:53
I am primarily a hammock camper and had been planning to take my hammock on my upcoming section hike from Hanover to Gorham. I've been advised by hikers who have done this section that a hammock is ideal because of the flexibility it affords, particularly during busy seasons on the trail. I am hiking from June 15-June 28 and am planning to camp at either shelters or AMC campsites, with two hostel stays for re-supply. Can anyone with knowledge and experience in the Whites offer their thoughts on whether hammocks are feasible as a shelter option? The weight difference between taking my hammock set-up and tent with pad, etc. is less than a pound.

05-13-2019, 08:11
Hammock will be a great choice on the trail except, of course above the tree line where you shouldn’t camp anyway especially in the season without a snow cover. You will find many good spots pretty much anywhere (estimating) 500 feet below the tree line.

I have hammocked below Moosilauke (nobo), there are a few nice spots as you descend from the Kinsmans toward the lean-to, but before the Fishing Jimmy trail start, I think I tented at the campsite when going up Liberty (Liberty Spring) but I recall people hammocking. The section from Liberty to Garfield campsite is rugged and likewise from Garfield to Galehead. There are a few nice spots below the Zealand Hut...incidentally I found I needed long straps at Guyott campsite and when I tried to hang away from the campsite the trees were dense and uncooperative.
There is are many nice spots at Ethan Pond. I’m drawing a blank on anything near Mt. Jackson and Pierce but U think there was something nice at the lowedt poing of the AT between these two. Then You need to kick ass on the presi or stay at Lakes Of The Clouds hut. There are a few nice spots on the final stretch from Pinkham to rt.2 but remember to walk off the trail (rules) for the entire trip of camping. You do have a choice of 7 hut stays and two AT lodge stays wow [emoji16] that will cost you over a thousand dollars haha. Happy hammocking!

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05-13-2019, 13:12
. . .You do have a choice of 7 hut stays and two AT lodge stays wow [emoji16] that will cost you over a thousand dollars haha. Happy hammocking!
So, what you're suggesting is that for nearly the same price as hut to hut hiking in the Whites, you can fly to Europe and hike hut to hut in the Alps . . . because, huts in the Alps are (much to my surprise) about 1/2 as expensive to stay in as the huts in the Whites!

05-13-2019, 13:37
[emoji7]and the food is better and cheaper in the Alps’ huts too

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05-13-2019, 16:16
I do not hammock but many folks are hammocking through the whites as the vast majority of shelter sites have trees suitable for hanging. Many managed shelter sites are maxed out nearly every night and the caretaker sends hikers to less than desirable tent spots with rocky uneven ground that could work well with a hammock. There are no specific hammock camping rules, the same rules apply if you tent or hang. That said the summit ridges tend to have thick/dense spruce fir forest that is difficult to bash through let alone hang a hammock, you still need to drop down off the ridge to where the understory opens up. This is frequently less of a drop than to a suitable tent spot but not much. The only real non hammock suitable stretch is from the low spot between Pierce and Eisenhower to where the Osgood trail drops off Madison into the trees. Lot to be said to book reservations at Lake of the Clouds Hut as the only options are drop off the ridge about a mile and 1000 feet (possibly less with a hammock). The Carter Moriah ridge can be thick but folks who dry camp can usually find a legal spot, if not on the trail, down a side trail.