View Full Version : Shuttle and parking suggestions

05-13-2019, 13:10
I will be hiking from Massie Gap to either VA 42 or VA 625. We will be leaving a vehicle at one of those two locations. Which spot is the safest spot to park? Also looking for a shuttle from either location back to Massie Gap. There are 3 of us hiking and would need to be picked up on Monday May 20th. Thanks for the help!

05-13-2019, 13:40
i would say (and ive only parked at massie and dont know about the other location) that massie would be safer to park at since it's inside the state park......

one has to pay to get into the park so that discourages some people, along with a ranger would more than likely be patrolling the area...

05-15-2019, 08:30
Anyone available to do a shuttle that day?

05-15-2019, 08:40
From Va 42 to Massie gap. Thanks