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05-19-2019, 16:45
How well stocked are the General Stores inside the park. Do they cater to hikers or more to day tourists. In particular can we purchased the propane canisters for our Jetboil and get dehydrated meals? If I read right, there are 3 of them? One better stocked than the others?


05-19-2019, 17:31
Hiked thru the park two weeks ago. Loft Mountain and Big Meadows were not yet open and they have the two largest camp stores and are well stocked. Loft Mountain opened May 14th. I would call and ask if Big Meadows has opened yet as their webpage still has TBD and is under construction. Lewis Mountain camp store and Elk Wallow wayside had lots and lots of dehydrated meals and plenty else to chose from if you are not picky (mac n' cheese, ramen, etc.). They cater to tourists, day hikers and campers in the campground but still have plenty of food for backpackers. Just realize the prices are typical of what you pay in all National Parks, not a grocery store.

06-11-2019, 18:05
Thanks for the info. We are not heading out until July so it appears we should be good with all of the stores open. Did you happen to see the jetboil propane cannisters there?

06-12-2019, 11:58
The camp stores should have canisters. But if your just hiking the park, it's unlikely you will need to replace the one you bring, even if it's the small one. But I suppose that depends on how much cooking you do and for how many people. You'll probably end up getting some of your meals at the way stations and resturants anyway. Thier hard to resist :)

06-12-2019, 15:25
When I hiked Shenandoah in 2014 it took me 7 days. It was one of the easiest in term of resupply. With the combination of Waysides for either food or deli/restaurant I never carried any more that 2 days of food. Take advantage of a lighter food load.

Gambit McCrae
06-12-2019, 15:30
They got a good beer selection too!