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06-04-2019, 13:07
See link.

The reason I ask is that this body was found in a very remote area on the edge of the largest wilderness area in AZ. I have hiked through there a few times and for any casual hiker to end up there seems very unlikely. And when the occasional casual camper/hiker goes missing there is always a big search and lots of news coverage. No one knows of anyone missing and this person is a mystery.

As it is rare for anyone but serious hikers to end up in this area - it is 50 miles of very bad unmaintained road (take 2 spare tires on this road) to get to the Sheep's Bridge mentioned and that is the end of the road. It is 30 miles at least to any other road through very rough wilderness with almost nonexistent trails.

So I was thinking this person 'might' be one of our small cadre of very experience older hikers who remain under the radar and are mostly totally solitary. No one might know they are missing.

So does anyone recognize him? The picture is a forensic reconstruction of a skeleton so don't expect perfect accuracy.


06-04-2019, 13:34
You may be right in thinking that someone on WB would know this guy. I sometimes wonder what happens to hikers as they get old, maybe widowed, don't stay in close contact with kids (if they have any). If they're still physically active, they may be drawn to the wilderness for extended periods.

I hope they figure out who he was, and how he passed.

06-04-2019, 14:35
Hikers often have tell tales like hiking clothing , footwear, gear.

06-05-2019, 07:33
Could be he was in declining health and wanted to die alone in the wilderness. I've considered it myself - seems like a good alternative to a hospital bed for those of us who enjoy being outdoors.

06-05-2019, 21:05

Maybe they finally found Everett . . . . .