View Full Version : gossamer gear the two tent thoughts

06-07-2019, 21:30
So im thinking of upgrading from my big agnes mt glow tumble 1 tent to a gossamer gear the two tent for backpacking they are on sale for 300 bucks until the 12th anyone have any thoughts or opinions trying to pull the trigger saturday morning ill check back over coffee

Randy Watson
06-08-2019, 08:57
I thought I read they use 7D fabric, that's insane to me, but double check this

06-08-2019, 10:11
they use 15d the whole thing is under two pounds my big agnes is 4.86 and its a tight one person

Randy Watson
06-11-2019, 07:14
15D is better but still pretty light for a floor, I do really like the look of the Two, being able to open both doors and let the air blow through.

06-11-2019, 08:47
It was my 1st choice if I had decided to stay silnylon/silpoly. Decided to go dcf and get a duplex as knowing myself well enough, I would have eventually gone dcf for the weight savings. It is pretty similar to the SMD Lunar Duo which I used for several years, GG makes a good product and it should serve you well.

Crushed Grapes
06-11-2019, 12:45
I'm using The One on my AT thru. As far as the material, I don't have to baby it, but I do recommend using a ground cloth. While the floor is thicker than the walls/ceiling, I did end up getting two very small holes in it (patched with tenacious tape, no issues thus far).

You will, of course, run across condensation issues. But the tent dries quite quickly in the sun during lunch breaks.

The hikers I've talked to that have the Two really liked it. One was a solo hiker and it was like a palace for them, so spacious.