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06-09-2019, 12:10
... in the Whites.

As usual, it went from too darn cold to too darn hot, too darn fast.

And with the warm temps, the Black Flies are now becoming a major annoyance. With all the trail head parking lots overflowing this weekend, the flies are surely eating well. I feed quite a few on a hike yesterday. And will do so again in a little bit after I eat lunch and decide which trail I want to stumble up this afternoon.

Still a little snow lingering in the ravines.


06-09-2019, 14:49
Yep - the switch has been flipped.

I killed a few hundred black flies in VT this weekend, but plenty got through. For some reason, the bites aren't itching - but I'm not complaining. Snow in east-side sheltered spots above 3700 feet.

06-09-2019, 16:10
Southern Louisiana is like, hold my trekking poles =p

06-10-2019, 15:07
Surprisingly, no cars parked on the side of the road in Pinkham Notch on Sunday. Figured as nice as it was, it would be packed. I've got a couple spots on my wrist I'm scratching. Well worth the view, in my opinion

Early morning at the beach

Midmorning on Imp Face

06-10-2019, 15:29
How many weeks do the black flies usually last in NH?

06-10-2019, 16:18
In by mothers day, out by fathers day.

The black flies are pushed out by the mosquitoes

06-10-2019, 16:33
How many weeks do the black flies usually last in NH?

Until the first killing frost in the fall. Basically, they are around all summer, but they're at their peak this time of year. The exact timing depends on the weather. They spawn once the temperatures warms up, like it suddenly did a few days ago. So right now they are pretty bad. Lots of mosquitos mixed in too. They will tapper off in a couple of weeks to more tolerable and localized numbers as the seasonal streams and trails dry up. After that, their not an issue.