View Full Version : Water on Long Trail from Stratton Pond Trailhead to North Adams

07-13-2019, 07:32
Hiking from Stratton Pond Trailhead to North Adams next week.
Any info on water situation along the way?


capt. photon
07-15-2019, 22:26
You should be ok. We've had a very wet spring, but things are returning to more normal conditions. Story Spring could be dry, but I doubt it. Glastenbury is usually a very reliable spring and there are many brooks along the way.

07-16-2019, 07:25
I've not been on that section of trail this season, but have been just south of there and water sources seem healthy. Bottom line is you should be fine even with an uncomfortably hot forecast for next week.

Though it was a rather wet spring, summer has been normal in terms of rainfall so some of the springs and seeps in higher elevations are slowing down or stopped though standing bodies of water may linger a while longer. This time of year I tend to look for water when I get to low points in the trail and carry a bit more water than I think I will need to the next source just in case there are problems.

07-16-2019, 12:23
Although I, too, have not been on that section of the trail, it has been a wet spring and a wet summer. You can contact the Green Mountain Club, which maintains the trails, to try to obtain more accurate information. Have a great hike!

07-26-2019, 15:14
I've done the LT 5 times in summer, and covered that stretch in separate day hikes and shorter hikes and water has never been a problem for me anywhere in that stretch, even during dry months.

07-27-2019, 14:38
Just finished that section yesterday. Plenty of water SOBO. One large stream has a heavy flow since all the rain on Mon & Tuesday past.
Good water flow by Route 9 and really good after last primitive site to North Adams.
The wilderness campsites has no water in the Glastonbury Wilderness area