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07-29-2019, 19:44
Section hiking from Neels Gap to around Addis gap? We wanted to do around 30 miles in 3 days. Is it possible to leave one of our trucks on Mills creek rd where the AT crosses?

Thanks in advance for any help

07-30-2019, 06:47
Don't know about Mill Creek Rd, looks like it stops well before the AT. Been a long time, but I know Wildcat Rd goes to the Gap, but is gated about a half mile from it I believe, where Moccasin Creek crosses the road - believe there used to be a shelter at that location? Anyway, if hiking to Addis Gap, you could take Wildcat Rd downhill to Moccasin Creek and essentially follow the creek until you hit a trail that would take you to the Hemlock Falls area just off Hwy 197 and across from Moccasin Creek State Park. There should be some info somewhere online. And somewhere in a box is an old map I got from the campground that vaguely shows how the trail runs. They no longer give these out because the trail above Hemlock Falls is rarely used. I've often thought of trying to do just this - beats going up Kelly Knob at the end of a hike, for sure. If you're at all interested in that option, PM me and I'll see what intel I can find on it.

p.s. I believe you could park and leave a truck at this gated location way up Wildcat Rd, but it is a long slow drive.

07-30-2019, 09:51
Here's some intel with directions to parking at the end of Wildcat Rd.


I would caution you for parking at Neels Gap. I would not expect to find parking there. Its a very popular section with day hikers and day drivers. There is no parking along the side of the road near the trail, and the somewhat large parking area that is a quarter mile down the road from the trail is always full. No parking at Mountain Crossings other than to stop in and look around and shop. Good place to stock up with what you might need for the trip if you haven't done that already.

For this reason, you might consider going from Woody Gap to Unicoi Gap. Popular areas, too, but parking is generally available. You'd miss Tray Mt, but Big Cedar and Blood Mt are each better.

Rusty Joints
07-30-2019, 16:13
We parked in the Neels Gap lot on June 20, 2019. At 7 AM it was deserted. We picked the car up 3 days later, around 2 PM, and the lot was completely full.

07-30-2019, 20:50
Thanks so much for all the info. I looked on google maps and I thought it showed that, wildcat rd turned into mills creek rd at Addis gap? I may have been mistaken. We might just hike farther and try to get to dicks gap. We plan on parking at Reece state park, we have found spots there before. It might be silly but we did three forks to Neels 2 years ago and wanted to continue northbound and finish GA soon. Thanks so much for all the info. We are gonna hike this section at the end of October.