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03-05-2006, 11:02
Whats the easiest way to update a journal online on the PCT? I'm planning on keeping a journal going on trailjournals, but dont know how much internet access there is on the PCT. I bought a little sharp writer thingy that can connect to phones. Is that a good option? Its heavish, prolly 5-6 ounces. Lemme know some feedback folks! Shags,

03-09-2006, 21:42
The majority that keep daily online journals on the PCT, while hiking, do it either by sending email through pocketmail or letters from a post office to a friend or transcriber who copies them into trailjournals, etc. Computers aren't as common on the PCT as the AT, especially up north, although they exist. Some do use computers (i.e. Pirouette and Blast last year, etc.) but it is sometimes a long time between updates and limited time on the computer sometimes means the Journals don't get completely updated when there is a computer.

chai guy
03-13-2006, 15:33
Alternatives to Pocketmail, cell phones and trying to find a public internet kiosk:

There is a cool feature on http://www.Blogger.com that allows you to call a number (free of charge, but it's a 415 area code, so tolls do apply), and leave an audio message on your blog without every logging into a computer (although the initial set-up requires you to log on and set up a code, but once you do that you never have to log in again). Check it out here: http://www.audioblogger.com/ Another option is 1-800-MY YAHOO, it lets you listen to your email (a computer will "read" it out loud) and voicemail, look up information in your Yahoo! Address Book, listen to weather reports and news. All this just by calling 1-800-MY-YAHOO from any phone and simply speaking your commands. You also get a private voice mailbox where anyone can leave messages for you. In addition you can send email and voice messsages from any phone to anyone in your Yahoo! Address Book. This service costs $5.00 per month, and the first month is free. Check it out at: http://phone.yahoo.com/?.refer= i>

To see it in action check out my blog at http://chaiguys.blogspot.com

Old Spice
03-13-2006, 19:11
Chai Guy,do you know how long it takes for the audiofile to appear on your blogger site? I just posted an audio blog, but it has not appeared yet.