View Full Version : Couple of (hopefully) simple questions

03-06-2006, 12:37
1) How tough is a hitch from Rock Gap to Standing Indian? At 1.5 miles is it necessary? Are their showers art Standing Indian?

2) How tough is a hitch from Wallace Gap to Franklin?

Gray Blazer
03-06-2006, 12:43
Do you mean to Standing Indian Campground? I walked it myself. There are mostly older folks and families, but, you could try. It's all downhill, easy walk. My experience was they don't care for smelly hikers using the showers. I did anyway, but, I got scolded for it. Big Deal to them, not for me.

2nd question, There is not a lot of traffic at Wallace Gap. Continue on to Winding Stair gap and it's an easy hitch from there. Good Luck!

03-06-2006, 15:05
Thanks Bear bait, that was my thought. My concern is that would make my day going into Franklin a 16 mile day with Albert Mtn in the middle of it. That would make a LONG day. This is a week long section hike from Unicoi to Wesser to complete from Springer to the Smokies.

Might just camp at Rock Gap then hitch to Franklin in the morning for a quick town stop to grab food and a shower then back to the trail. Sounds like an easy hitch out of town? Are there any "shower only" places in Franklin?

Gray Blazer
03-06-2006, 15:20
Not sure about shower places in Franklin. Ask Tiamalle (I think that's his name. He's a member here at Whiteblaze). I think he owns 2 hotels in Franklin. When are you leaving? I will be camping at Rocky Bald on Mar 25-26 and feeding the hikers. Maybe we'll see you there.

Gray Blazer
03-06-2006, 15:24
Yeah, his name is Tiamalle and you can look him up on the member's list. I think you can even get shuttled by him. He sounds like a good guy so look him up and PM him. Signing off for today.

03-06-2006, 16:07
Tabasco the hitch to standing indian is all road from Rock gap and yes they have showers also next to rock gap shelter is a parking lot and it is very close to hwy 64. A ride will be easy. hope it aint raining when ya climb Albert. Have fun.

03-06-2006, 16:15
Standing Indian is a short walk, however they are not open as of yet and from what I'm told they don't open until around the first of April.

Good luck with your hike.


PS.. Tiamalle is Ron Haven his # is 828-524-4403. He's a great guy who will do almost anything for a hiker. Look him up if you're planning on coming into Franklin.