View Full Version : Pinkham Notch-Stratton, ME Trip Report

09-15-2019, 15:49
Just home after a 131-mile section from Pinkham Notch to Maine route 27. I gave myself two weeks, which was a luxurious amount of time. I had a few long days but was able to hike at a comfortable pace from sunrise to mid-afternoon each day. The weather was good when I needed itóclear for the Wildcats, Carters, Baldpates, and Saddlebacks. The day through the Notch and up the Arm was wet, and I managed to miss a turn in the Notch and get swarmed by bees. Although I usually hammock, I was happy tenting and had no issues finding good spots wherever I stopped. It helped to stop around 3 pm. I highly recommend Human Nature Hostel and enjoyed my stay at the Hiker Hut. I love Maine and canít wait to finish the trail next year. 188 miles left.