View Full Version : 2003 hiker sign in

02-15-2003, 02:08
Names Screwy Squirrel, been on the trail a couple times since 99. Blue Duck and I are going to start from Harper's Ferry April 1 heading north to Kathadin and flip-flop back to Springer and come back up. Reason why we're starting from Harper's is because Blue Duck went home in 2000 and wants to pick up from where she stopped. I don't know if Baltimore Jack or Lone Wolf remembers us but we have met Lone Wolf before at Gooches Gap in 2000 at the Hobo's feast and Damascus a couple times at the hostel. And we met Baltimore Jack in the Smokies when he Stayed at the Grand Prix with Weatherman, Papa Smurf, Bumble Bee and Uncle Walt. Haven't been out since July when I hiked the shenandoahs. Miss all the great times and people out there.

Lone Wolf
02-15-2003, 10:09
Hey squirrel. Gooch was quite the bash eh? Make sure y'all look me up in Damasskiss. Have fun.

02-20-2003, 20:51
Lonewolf, probably see you around late August or so. Is Pirate going to be cruising this year? Is the BB Hobos going to give a bash this year? Be cool and don't let the monster growth of Damascus get you down.

Lone Wolf
02-20-2003, 20:59
Me, Pirate and Wee Willie are starting at Springer the 3rd week of March. Where we all end up nobody knows. At Trail Days we'll be having our 10th anniversary Hobo Central bash.