View Full Version : Research for a newspaper story

03-07-2006, 18:39
Dear thru-hikers:
My name is Darrin Youker, and I am a newspaper reporter from Reading Pa. The trail runs through a portion of our coverage area, including the popular Hawk Mountain area.
In mid-June myself and a photographer will hike a 60-mile section of the trail in Berks County Pa. for a story. We are hoping to catch some thru-hikers as they travel through the area. I know it's far ahead, both in miles and time, but if you could keep us in mind as you reach Pa. I would appreciate it. Also, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 1-800633-7222 if you like to meet up for this story.
Best of luck,

Jack Tarlin
03-07-2006, 18:42
Good luck with your story. There will be plenty of thru-hikers passing thru this point by then; they'll be even more if you wait til late June or early/mid July.