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03-10-2006, 15:25
I've been a lurker so far and have been learning a lot about UL backpacking over the last several months. I am very interested in the GG Vapor Trail but I have one concern. My torso length is about 18 1/2 so I'm looking at the Regular size pack. But I'm a little bigger around than the 30-34 inch waist belt that it has. I know the best answer is to loose the weight and inches but short of that should I stitch on some extra web belt or what?

So far I'm using a cheap Wal-Mart hunting backpack that holds my lighter gear. It's OK if I tie my hammock to the outside rather that stow in inside. It only weighs 33.6 ounces but I could use just a little more room and a better waist belt than it has. I have my base pack weight down to about 17 pounds and my "from skin out" weight to about 21 pounds less food and water.

Any thoughts on the web belt of the Vapor Trail?


03-10-2006, 15:31
Ask your outfitter if they will put a large belt on a medium pack. Most will try to accomadate you.

03-10-2006, 15:46
My husband uses the GG Vapor Trail and loves it. He has the opposite problem in that he is a skinnny little guy. He went to an outfitter on our 200+ mile section hike last fall and got a smaller belt. He had to buy it but I think if you returned yours to GG new, that they would trade it out for a bigger belt without a question. We have had great support from GG and I highly recommend them for this pack. Ask your outfitter if they will do it for you. Any gear shop worth its salt should be happy to order it for you and NOT charge for it. We had to pay because the belt he was using was, well, used! So it was only fair to buy a new one. He kept the old one just in case he gains weight in the future and needs the medium belt back on...doubtful!

03-10-2006, 15:47
Worst case scenario you can contact GG directly and they'll work with you. I hiked with the Vapor Trail in 2003 and had a Medium hip belt. When I got back home the dat-gawn hip belt began to shrink. I contacted GG and they got me a Large one.


03-10-2006, 16:09
i'm not sure if a civilian equivalent to this gizmo exists, but the army has developed a web belt extender for use with soldiers' suspenders/web belt combos and the alice pack system... you can put cold weather gear on and not have to readjust and retape all your buckles and straps to accomodate the bulkier gear... you just snap in a short piece of webbing that has the male connector at one end and the female at the other, and voila', your web belt or waist belt is longer. they worked great.

i'm sure you could find replacement parts/buckles and a spare piece of webbing and make your own too.

Just Jeff
03-10-2006, 16:26
Great idea, Seeker. Those are a godsend for going back and forth between kevlar vest, chem gear, and regular uniforms. I think it'll work great for this application, too - not as good as getting a larger belt from the company for no added cost, but it would still be a good $5 DIY solution if that weren't an option.

Might work for folks with other packs that can't switch the belts, though.

03-10-2006, 16:46
Thanks for the ideas. I haven't bought yet and hope to get it from REI if I can use my dividend and their current 20% off offer together.

Just_Jeff, I appreciate your website; I've gleaned a lot of good info from it.

hammock engineer
03-11-2006, 01:33
I have the VT long (torso length about 21"). I have a waist of around 36". The hip belt is more than long enough. BTW I really like the pack. It is the one I am going to take this summer.

03-11-2006, 04:22
I had a Vapor Trail but I didn't like the way it fit or carried weight. (5'10" 220#s 38" W). I got a Nimbus Ozone instead and it's worth the extra pound to me for the adjustability and better belt.

03-11-2006, 22:35
stoikurt, if you are at rei check out the ul45 backpack. cheap money light pack,the major problem i have though is no straps for your sleeping bag.
just my 2 cents