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12-18-2019, 01:17
The much awaited Appalachian Trail shuttle listing has been done and revised.
In 2018 the ATC stopped providing a shuttle provider listing on their web site. They contacted WhiteBlaze, letting me know that they would no longer be providing a shuttle listing. They asked me if I would continue providing a shuttle provider listing and I gladly accepted.
For almost a year now WhiteBlaze has been going through the old listing and contacting everyone they could. Those that could not be contacted were removed from the listing.
I also changed the format of the listing. I tried to come up with an easier way to present the listing. I hope this helps everyone.
If you would like to be added to the shuttle provider listing please contact us at the link at the top of the listing.
https://whiteblaze.net/forum/at-shuttles.php (https://whiteblaze.net/forum/at-shuttles.php?fbclid=IwAR0mtAT6pxCVexDG6yGXHoUhGhn0 tY8Fkj3LROp94nI8wJ0RGMDuYjdFoCc)

03-25-2022, 23:04
awesome just what i needed TY

03-26-2022, 02:06
awesome just what i needed TY
That is an old listing. Here is the new one for 2022.
Appalachian Trail Shuttle listing 2022 (whiteblaze.net) (https://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/articles/2022-shuttles.pdf)