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03-11-2006, 10:12
Hi there - I am writing on behalf of the new owners of Shaw's Lodging in Monson. Their names are Dawn and Sue and they are excited to be entering their fledging year in the hiking hostel business. Dawn grew up two houses up the street from Shaw's, so feels she is pretty qualified although the specifics of running a business will be a new learning experience. Dawn and Sue want to let any hikers know that Shaw's will be open for business beginning in May. Services and prices will remain approximately the same as they begin the new venture - they figure it was working pretty well the was it was so why screw with it? If you are planning your hike and need to contact them, you may call 207.997.3744 (please before 9pm EST) until Pat has moved out of the house and they are able to get a business phone installed. The mail drop will still be available and the info for that is Shaw's Lodging, PO Box 72, Monson, ME 04464. If you have questions you can reach us here. Their website is under development and will be up soon, along with an email address. In the meantime, if you wish to email privately, please address to [email protected] (that's me, Dawn's daughter Daina, who will be helping with reservations and mail drop stuff). We're looking forward to a great Summer '06 and meeting all of you!

Jack Tarlin
03-11-2006, 10:24
This is very good news; thanks for letting us know!

TJ aka Teej
03-11-2006, 11:03
Welcome, and thanks for letting know! You're keeping the name - that's terrific!

03-11-2006, 11:14
Thank you for posting this. As much as I was rooting for some of my hiking acquaintances to buy Shaw's, I'm even happier to hear that someone who has lived in the area for years--and presumably wants to stay there indefinitely!--has bought the business. Best wishes, and I hope to be there in July...

The General
03-11-2006, 11:36

03-11-2006, 16:28
Very welcome news! Thanks! I hope all hikers this year - thru and otherwise - cut the new owners some slack in their first year.

03-11-2006, 16:35


Thank you very much. This is great news for a (hopefully) Thru hiker in planning.

Best wishes!!


03-11-2006, 17:40
That's awesome Daina. Best of luck to Dawn and Sue.

Tell them to remember that hikers are very hungry by the time they reach Shaw's and to have plenty of food on hand.

I hope the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5 and 6x6's remain a breakfast tradition! Funny stuff I'll never forget....

Hammock Hanger
03-11-2006, 23:24
I'll never forget Shaw's... But look foraward to new memories from the "new" SHaw Owners.

Best of luck, Dawn & Sue.

The Desperado
03-12-2006, 00:06
Very,Very Good news ! Best of luck !!!!........

03-12-2006, 15:07
Hope to stop in on my maintenance trip (blowdowns) in early May. Looking forward to meeting you. Good Luck.

the goat
03-12-2006, 19:48
best of luck in filling some rather large shoes!!!!

Lion King
03-13-2006, 11:39

Start cooking 4X4s now!


Good luck!

05-23-2008, 13:26
I just got off the phone with the owner. They have been VERY hard for me to reach the last few days, but have an answering machine that lists 2 other #s to reach them through. The primary # is (207) 997-3597. The other #s are (207) 997-3744/3943.

The preferred address for sending packages there is P.O. Box 72, Monson, ME 04464.

I called them to doublecheck that they would still be open for business this year (yes, definitely) prior to sending them a hiker care package. Buddy no longer works there, doing work somewhere else (guiding, I think she said). He does do some hiker shuttling on his own. I did not get the sense that the parting was acrimonious, but who knows.

Oh, and they still cook breakfast there (something I was glad to hear).

Anyone else know what's the latest there, it'd be nice to hear. I had a good time when I stayed there Fall '06, finding them quite helpful WRT my hike (when Shaw's was already under the current owner), and wish them the best.