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01-14-2020, 18:11
Greetings AT Hive mind. I'm just beginning to plan my AT section hike in NY and thought I'd ping the group for some input. On first pass it looks like post offices and trail towns are few and far between in New York State. I think I'll be sending a resupply box to Bear Mountain Post office but I haven't got much further than that for details. I thought this would be a good source for useful information. I know there are some deli's and other close by trail options like the Nature Center... but any info you all can share or provide would be most helpful. I'll spot my car on Hoyt Road on the CT line and start at (is it) longhouse road, near Greenwood Lake. Thanks in Advance.

01-14-2020, 19:01
If your just going to Greenwood lake, you should be able to bang that out in less then a week.

If you get an early start, you should be able to get to Telephone Pioneers shelter the first night.
Day 2 go the RPH shelter. You can have food delivered ($25 min, but you can often split that with others)
Day 3 you have no choice but to go to the Graymoor center. If you still have any energy left, the AT deli is 0.3 of a mile away.
Day 4 you want to go to the West Mountain shelter. A bit out of the way but if its clear, it has the view of the Manhattan skyline.
Day 5 would be Fingerboard, note that there is usually no water there.
Day 6 is a killer, all the way to Wildcat or out to Greenwood with the infamous 18 mile Agony Grind.

If you want to break it up, the Graymoor center is your best bet due to the AT Deli being near-by, but they charge a premium for their goods. Any other resupply is a bit off the trail and can really eat into your day trying to get there and back, and still do the required miles, which is a lot in this section. You'll go by the garden center your first day, so no sense stopping there unless you want an ice cream.