View Full Version : Damascus NOBO - Start April 12 ( Flip-Flop)

01-15-2020, 12:11
Hello to all, I am departing Damascus on April 12th NOBO rain or shine doesn't matter. Heading to Katahdin then flipping back to Damascus to Springer. Any other floppers out there with a similar schedule let me know.

My background: I am a 56 ex-army combat veteran out for a leisurely stroll in the woods, (in my dreams). I have been hiking and getting in shape for this ordeal, no couch to trail BS for me! I went to basic training unprepared and the suck really sucked!! The only way to minimize the suck is to train for it.

I look forward to meeting as many of my fellow hikers as I can and thank you to all that have posted advice on this forum, it is greatly appreciated.

See you on the trail