View Full Version : canoe this year

03-20-2020, 22:46
if c19 does not come to a rapid screeching halt almost certainly the service will not be funded

03-20-2020, 22:48
What are you trying to talk about?

03-20-2020, 23:16
What are you trying to talk about?Maybe the canoe ferry across the Kennebec? It is currently shown as scheduled, but sure, that may well change. https://www.matc.org/for-hikers/kennebec-river-ferry

03-20-2020, 23:21
Seems like a reasonable guess. Kennebec was about all I could hazard.

TJ aka Teej
03-21-2020, 17:43
The Kennebec ferry is funded. Whether it will operate or not, at what capacity, and when, is another question.