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02-17-2003, 09:56
Anyone here have first hand experience with the John Muir Trail. Planning a hike of it this summer?

Interested in resupply points mostly.

02-17-2003, 10:31
Resupplying on the JMT depends on which direction you are headed. I am going to hiking the PCT this summer, which shares trail with the JMT for a while. However, I will be going south to north and I think the JMT is probably best hiked north to south (else you have to climb Whitney right away). If you are coming south, you pass by Tuolomne Meadows right away, so you could pack a day of food to get out of the Valley. There is a postoffice to Tuolomne. You also pass close by Red's Meadow, which supposedly has some resupply options. You can pick up an NPS shuttle bus out to Mammoth as well. Mammoth is fairly touristy, but has large, well stocked supermarkets and other stuff. Red's Meadow is about 35 miles from Tuolomne. Muir Trail Ranch is on the JMT and charges $45 to pick up a package. They have a website somewhere with instructions for resupplying via mail. It is, I believe, about 100 miles from Red's Meadow. The other option is the Vermillion Valley Resort, which isn't technically on the JMT. It is a short boat ride from the trail (a few bucks on their boat). They charge $6 to pick up a package and they give you a free drink if you spring for a bunk. I don't know the relative distance for this one, although I think it is a week's walk from Whitney to VVR.

I would head south, resupplying at TM, RM, and VVR (via maildrop). You can get more info on the JMT by taking a look at www.pcta.org and following the FAQ links.