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02-17-2003, 10:37
Two north bound thruhikers spotted in the Smokys at Mount Collins. Started on Jan. 24th. I didn't get to chat with them much as they were huddled in their sleeping bags from 5pm to 8am the next morning. Conditions in the Smokys are somewhat less than optimal for AT hiking. They were headed out to Gatlinburg and Asheville for a few days break from the weather. I wonder if they are the earliest starters this year?

02-17-2003, 11:57
There are two guys on trailjournals.com named Bono and Rocket. One started 12/28 and the other on 1/2. They seem to be in Erwin and northward.
I assume the east coast snowstorm has stopped everyone.
Pete Hoffman

02-17-2003, 18:48
A number of hikers left in January that are not keeping journals, according to the sign in.