View Full Version : FlexAir pillow?

03-15-2006, 14:08
Anyone ever use the flexair pillow advertised on backpackinglight? If they stay inflated and last? Your thoughts? I need a few pillows due to a back condition and these look like a good option that weighs little and takes up little space. Thanks!

03-15-2006, 15:54
I have 4-5 of them, I believe the large ones, bought them back before they were on bpl from a forum member who was selling them for 5 stamps. Haven't used one yet all night. They do inflate quite easily and probably hold it quite sell. Its the same inflation mechanism used in those noodle things you bang together at sporting events.

03-15-2006, 16:08
I just discovered those fleece/flannel lined Thermarest stuff sacks. WOW. Very good stuff. And multi-use!

03-15-2006, 21:51
I have some that another forum member sent me and tried them out 2 weeks ago (I only tried the large but have the small ones too). I think they're a great idea but I'm skeptical about their short lifespan. They're only supposed to work for a few outings and how are you supposed to know when "the one" is? You might suddenly find yourself without a pillow. The other think I found is that they slide around a lot. I didn't have any extra clothing to wrap it in (because I was wearing it) so that might have helped. The smaller ones will fit inside the sleeping bag and I'm going to try this out next time. So, for me the verdict is still out but I'll post a report if I find anything worthwhile.