View Full Version : Ride to Hwy 17

Marmot Moore
05-02-2020, 17:10
I only have 233 miles to finish the AT. Got off last year in Maine at Hwy 17. I have a plan B but would like to know if anyone knows an easy way to get from Boston to the trail. My plan is to start the hike (only if the trail is open to legally hike it) on Aug 15th. There will be two of us—a friend is joining me for those last miles. Thank you for ideas Marmot AT ‘91;’18-‘19 & hopefully ‘20

05-02-2020, 17:34
You would take the bus to Gorham, (arrives about 9:30 PM so you will need to get a motel room - do not show up on a weekend!) then get a shuttle to RT17. It's like a 2, 2.5 hour ride from Gorham.