View Full Version : REI Mojave and Sahara bags - any insight?

03-15-2006, 17:28
Hey ladies (or anyone with experience w/ REI down bags),

My partner and I are looking into getting new bags and we're looking at the REI mojave and/ or sahara (hello dividends). Does anyone have any experience w/ either of these bags (or REI down bags in general)?


03-15-2006, 18:52
Most people will say that REI down bags are good quality, but cut slim and not very warm.

I had the traveldown which was slim and not warm at all. That got returned after one night.
I had an REI subkilo which fit me great (I like a slim cut bag) and was well made, but it was not true to it's rating.
I also have a -5 EL bag which is pretty well made, nice and slim, and not as warm as it should be (but I kept it anyways).

I'd look elsewhere.

03-15-2006, 20:51
Thanks for your insight, twoforty.

After I posted this, it occurred to me to check the past forums and it looks like there was a very similar question posed about a year ago. Guess I should've thought to look before posting.

Anyway, doesn't seem like too many people are pleased w/ REI bags...