View Full Version : Duckett House B&B - Hot Springs, NC

03-15-2006, 18:20
Just looking to see if anyone had any experiences with the Duckett House B&B. Thanks!

ed bell
03-15-2006, 19:34
My wife and I stayed there on her arrival in Hot Springs during her 03' hike. Somewhat expensive, but a very classy place. Definitly hiker friendly. Stayed again for our engagement weekend in fall of 03', so the place is special to us. Real nice breakfasts served. Oh, and my favorite part was the huge shower head that pours straight down on you. Good stuff!:sun

Philip Jones
03-15-2006, 23:15
My girlfriend and I stayed there for a few days in July 2005, at the halfway point of my two month hike. The place is immaculate and breakfast is very good. The owners are friendly but let you do your own thing. One of the guys is a cook at the Bridge Street Cafe, so he knows what he's doing. There's a nice creek out back, and it's a quick walk to the center of the town. After a few days it felt like home. All in all, it was a great vacation from the trail and left me refreshed (though sad she had to go home) when I got going again. I'd definitely go back.

03-16-2006, 12:44
I stayed there a long time ago, it might have been their first year. The place was great, the food was wonderful, and the owners were very accommodating. It was a little expensive, but certainly worth what we received.


Jack Tarlin
03-24-2006, 16:34
This is the ONLY place I've either stayed at, or gone out of my way to at least vist, on ALL of my hikes.

The Duckett House in Hot Springs is one of the greatest places on the Trail, and its proprietors, Brian and Frank, are two of the finest folks you'll ever want to meet.

Not that I'm planning on it anytime soon, but if ever I ger married again, it'll most likely be on the front lawn of the Duckett House Inn.

Great people, beautiful place. Check it out.

03-24-2006, 22:40
The Duckett House rocks! Tasty vegetarian cooking mmm...

03-25-2006, 09:01
awesome hosts, great place, great breakfast,... quiet stay

Crazy Larry #1
03-25-2006, 20:00
one of the best places i've ever stayed at.............good guys, frank and bryan..............