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05-18-2020, 09:12
I am looking to do a thru hike of the PA section in 2022. Any leads on shuttles? Ideally, I would like to drop a car off at Penn Mar Park and find my way to the PA/NJ border and Sobo.

05-18-2020, 12:46
If your hike isn't for another 2 years, I'd say it's a bit early to be lining up a shuttle. Lot can change in two years, either to you or the shuttle situation. Of course you don't want to wait until the last minute, but a couple of weeks ahead would be about right. The big question is if you can find someone wanting to go that distance - and how much your willing to pay for the ride.

Hum, looks like your not far from I-80. Start at Harpers Ferry and leave your car at the DWG, so your hiking towards you car. From the DWG you can use public transportation to get down to Harpers Ferry. The only problem is you need to leave the water gap on the early commuter bus to NYC, then connect to WDC in time for the 4:15 train to Harpers. You'll have to look at the schedules to figure out the best connections, but should work. Last year I was able to get from the DWG back home in Northern NH in one day. You'll also have to spend a night at the DWG, but you could sneak over to the church hostel and use the shelter out back (seeing you'll be getting up real early).

BTW, I was able to do HF to DWG in under 3 weeks, last 2 in April and 1st week of May. A little rainy but good time of year to do PA. Not much traffic and cool temps.

05-24-2020, 14:42
Check out the shuttle listings at the bottom of the WB home page. It is updated regularly.