View Full Version : Gooder Grove Hostel

06-16-2020, 14:15
Seeing some mixed reviews on this hostel, with YELP showing just one review but it's bad. Seeking more info from those who have stayed there. Thank you!

06-17-2020, 11:00
I stayed at Zen's place about two years ago. It was a great stop along the way. Very inviting, clean, comfortable. I just checked the Guthook app to see what people have been saying lately. All of the feedback was positive. Yelp is probably not the best source for reviews of AT hostels.

06-17-2020, 11:38
I stayed there in 2016. Hippies playing bongos out front and the smell of "wacky weed." There are only a few bunks per room but they are packed in there pretty tight. No one seems to be in charge. They were supposed to do laundry for $5 but I had to go dig it out of the washing machine and put it in the drier and then retrieve it from the drier when finished. When I left, I had to chase someone down to take my money. Nevertheless, the place was clean by hiker hostel standards and I slept well. If I were in the area looking for a room, I probably would look elsewhere but would have no problem staying at Gooder's if other options were not attractive.

Last year, Gooder's Grove had a GoFundMe page to try to get money for a new roof. Maybe not stay there if it's storming and they haven't fixed the roof yet.